Hitting the Note Divine


The content of a Qawwali ballad can be seen like a drunken night out. And an understanding of lyrics is not an essential prerequisite in attaining the trance like state that Qawwali offers.

“The wine symbolizes the knowledge of the divine, the cupbearer the spiritual guide, the tavern the place where the soul may attain spiritual enlightenment and intoxication, the attaining of spiritual knowledge in the soul’s longing for union and love with the divine.” – Peter Manuel



Veils of Grey

Middle Eastern woman in burkha holding apple

Shereen El Feki’s Sex and the Citadel is neither a book on sexual pleasure nor a Middle Eastern Fifty Shades of Grey, unless of course, knowledge and awareness qualifies as a turn-on. In addition to being an academic, journalist and TED Global fellow, Shereen El Feki is the Vice-Chair and Commissioner of the UN’s Global Commission on HIV and the Law. Her research for Sex and the Citadel took her on a fascinating five-year journey through the Arab world with countless discussions on the one subject no one dares to discuss: sex.