A literary knockout


“Boxe et littérature” was the title of the Blue Metropolis May 1st panel. A little disconcerting for those who do not wish to be thought of as obtuse and simple-minded. For them, boxing and literature are two peas that are never to share the same pod.

With my limited French, reviewing such an event felt as deceptive as the sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. As the event drew closer, so did this reviewer’s apprehensions, including wondering whether anxiety disorders are genetic.



Boxing beauties


“Protect yourself at all times.” It’s 11:33 pm on Saturday, January 18th at Montreal’s Bell Centre, but for competitors Jean Pascal and Lucian Bute, what matters in that day is the last half hour. Referee Michael Griffin reiterates boxing’s number one precept: protect yourself. For 12  three-minute rounds, with one-minute breaks in between , the two competitors will be throwing hooks, jabs, uppercuts, crosses. They will be inflicting as much distress upon one another as possible to score one point after another. And if it ends in a knock out, then the victory can’t be sweeter.